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No Win No Fee
In most estate matters we are prepared to act on a No Win No Fee basis for our legal costs only
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We’ve dealt with hundreds of disputes, and over 95% have been settled out of Court
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We’ll keep you informed and involved at every step of your Will Dispute case
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I would like thank Hentys Lawyers for the guidance and efficient, friendly nature shown to me at all times throughout this ordeal. At all times you were very honest with me. My lawyer sensed how I felt on many occasions and continuously assisted me to keep my outlook positive.

This experience has been life changing and I have my lawyer to thank for that – Sandra Fisher

Our Simple 4 Step Process

Contesting A WillReview Your Claim
One phone call is all it takes for us to confirm whether you have a reasonable claim or not

Contesting A WillAssess Your Case
We estimate the size of your claim and whether you are eligible for our ‘No Win No Fee’ option for our legal costs, not including disbursements

Will DisputesCommence Proceedings
We’re with you every step of the way, managing the entire process on your behalf

Estate DisputesSettle Your Case
We apply our knowledge and expertise to reach the settlement you are entitled to

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Hentys Lawyers is a Melbourne based Law Firm that strives to deliver creative and effective solutions that add value to the lives of our clients.  We have a dedicated team of Will Disputes specialists with over 25 years experience in handling Estate claims. Your team will always provide you with exceptional service and ongoing support during this difficult time, while striving to obtain the best possible result for you.

We Do Things Differently

At Hentys we pride ourselves on being innovative leaders in the field of Will Disputes.  We take a fresh approach to each case, continuously achieving dynamic results and setting new standards in legal practice.  Listening to you and understanding your case enables us to implement solutions that are proactive, preventative and cost effective.

We’re There Every Step

Building meaningful relationships with our clients is important to us.  You can rely on us to represent you to the best of our ability throughout your case.  We will answer all of your questions promptly and in plain English, applying the knowledge and expertise to deliver the legal advice you need.  Our team also has the in-depth understanding of these situations to provide you with further emotional support.

Your Dispute In Our Hands

We know that the death of someone close to you is an emotional time, made all the more difficult when their estate is left in the wrong hands.  We can help you receive what you’re entitled to.

With strong links to specialist Will contesting barristers, you can rest assured your matter is in the best hands.  We are committed to our clients and will strive to achieve a settlement you are happy with.  Guiding and representing you throughout the entire process, we endeavour to ensure:

  • You receive complete and accurate advice from your lawyer
  • Your lawyer will answer your questions in plain English
  • You will be informed of your options at every stage of contesting a Will

In our experience there are three main concerns that potential clients have when considering contesting a will.

The first is who will represent them, the second is what the dispute will cost and lastly, they worry that they may end up in court.

Who Will Represent You?

The Hentys team will represent you throughout the entire process. 

With over 25 years experience in disputed wills cases, you can rest assured that Richard has the expertise to deliver the legal advice you need, and the understanding to provide you with further emotional support.

What Will It Cost?

In engaging the services of Hentys, you will receive an initial consultation where one of the team will detail the general merits of the case.  If the team considers that the claim does not have merit, they will inform you straight away so that you can make your own decision about whether to proceed.

If you decide to pursue the claim, you will be provided with an initial estimate of legal costs in accordance with Victorian legislation.  In all estate matters, the firm is prepared to act on a NO WIN NO FEE* basis.  As part of any settlement process, with a successful claim the costs will be paid out of the estate proceeds and you will not incur any out of pocket expenses.

*In most estate matters we are prepared to act on a No Win No Fee basis for our legal costs only. Enquire today to see if you qualify.

Will You End Up In Court?

Each Will Dispute case is subject to a court appointed mediation, and in the last 5 years, not one estate dispute claim that Hentys has dealt with has proceeded to a trial.  Most of our cases are settled to our client’s satisfaction during, or before this mediation session.

If you have been left out of a Will or you feel that the Will doesn’t fairly provide for you, we can get the answers you need.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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