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*In most estate matters we are prepared to act on a No Win No Fee basis for our legal costs only, ask us to see if you qualify


We assess your situation so you know the best approach to take.

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We’ve dealt with hundreds of disputes, and over 95% have been settled out of Court


We assess your situation so you know the best approach to take.

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We’ll keep you informed and involved at every step of your Will Dispute case


We assess your situation so you know the best approach to take.

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Hentys Lawyers is a Melbourne based Law Firm with over 25 years of experience in Will Dispute cases.  We strive to deliver the creative and effective solutions that you need to reach the settlement you deserve.  Our dedicated team of Estate Lawyers are committed to providing you with outstanding legal service and emotional support during the entire dispute.

We Do Things Differently

We pride ourselves on our reputation in the industry.  Through continued success in our cases, the Hentys name has become synonymous with innovation and fresh thinking.  We listen to our clients and implement solutions on a case-by-case basis to deliver outstanding results each time.

We’re There Every Step

At Hentys, we care about our clients.  We know that in hiring us, you are putting your trust in our hands to deliver the results that you need.  As such, we focus on building meaningful relationships with you.  We will answer all of your questions promptly and in plain English, applying the knowledge and expertise to deliver the legal advice you need.  Our team also has the in-depth understanding of these situations to provide you with further emotional support.

If you have been left out of a Will or you feel that a Will doesn’t fairly provide for you, Hentys Lawyers can help you get the information and answers you need.

You can rest assured that with the Hentys team your matter is in the best hands. With over 40 years experience, we have developed connections to specialist Will contest barristers; and having represented others with cases just like yours, we know how to guide and represent you throughout the entire process. The process of contesting a Will can seem daunting, and the first step is often the most difficult.

At Hentys we are committed to the interests of each of our individual clients and will apply our hard work, knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

We understand that even though the law recognises a person’s right to choose who will inherit his or her property, there are often very good reasons for a person to contest a Will.

Whatever your reasons may be, Hentys Lawyers will assist you in achieving a fair settlement. If you have any queries or require further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch; our experienced team is available and keen to assist you further.

The team at Hentys lawyers provided me with the best possible guidance and support when attending to my personal matters. The process was unfamiliar territory and for lack of a better word, scary; but having the knowledge and experience of such a dedicated team made me feel all the more secure – Mia Craggs

Our Simple 4 Step Process

1 Review Your Claim
One phone call is all it takes for us to confirm whether you have a reasonable claim or not

1 Assess Your Case
We estimate the size of your claim and whether you are eligible for our ‘No Win No Fee’ option for our legal costs, not including disbursements

1 Commence Proceedings
We’re with you every step of the way, managing the entire process on your behalf

1 Settle Your Case
We apply our knowledge and expertise to reach the settlement you are entitled to

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