Estate Disputes Victoria

In order to challenge or dispute will you need to meet stringent criteria. At Hentys Lawyers, we are experienced at discerning cases with merit and helping you bring your case forward.

If you are looking to establish an Estate Dispute in Victoria, refer below for some more information.


Our team of estate litigation lawyers have over 40 years of experience handling Estate Disputes in Victoria. Our experience and expertise allows us to quickly establish if you are entitled to the clam you are making, as well as give you an accurate idea of what the outcome might be.

  • We determine if your claim is valid
  • We will investigate the estate in question
  • We will achieve the right outcome for you
  • We will alleviate much of the stress involved in making a claim

Having an experienced team makes the complicated process of an estate dispute much simpler and pain-free. As your Estate Lawyer, we will assist you through the entire process, keeping you informed of your options all the while.


If you have a reason to believe that the validity of the Will should be under dispute please check below for some examples where you may challenge the Will:

  • The Deceased was of reduced mental capacity at the time they agreed to the Will
  • The Will was not properly signed or witnessed
  • The Deceased did not fully understand the Will
  • The Will has been changed after the Deceased signed it
  • The Will does not make sense or cannot be understood.

My legal team were there to answer my calls or emails in a prompt and speedy manor if I ever had a concern or query. In the end I could not have hoped for a better result. The reassurance and security offered is alone enough to make me utilise Hentys if necessary in the future – Mia Craggs


The Court has the right to vary the provisions of the will. It is never clear what the Court will rule, as they consider each of the individual circumstances of the application.

Proof of eligibility does not automatically guarantee that the Court will vary the provisions of a Will. The Court will compare the needs of the applicant with those of the other beneficiaries in order to determine whether the applicant has been left without adequate provision for their maintenance or support.

In making this assessment, the following will usually be considered:

  • The size of the Estate
  • The financial needs and health of the applicant
  • The nature of the relationship the applicant had with the Deceased
  • Whether the Deceased had a legal responsibility to provide for the applicant
  • Whether adequate provision has been made for the proper maintenance and support of the applicant


Our Simple 4 Step Process

1 Review Your Claim
The most important step is to determine if you have a reasonable claim

1 Assess Your Case
We estimate the size of your claim and for our legal costs, not including disbursements

1 Commence Proceedings
We’re with you every step of the way, managing the entire process on your behalf

1 Settle Your Case
We apply our knowledge and expertise to reach the settlement you are entitled to